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Why you should complete an IT Health Check


We understand your schedule is consistently busy, making it challenging to pause and reflect on the day's events. Beyond ensuring your personal well-being and the happiness of your team, it's important to consider the broader perspective. Are your internal processes and systems operating at their optimal capacity? Is time being utilised in the most effective manner? Taking the time for this introspection is essential to steer your business and team in the right direction at the right pace.


We are forever being reminded that the world has changed, and how this impacts how we operate day-to-day. Navigating your workforce and resources efficiently is now paramount. Questions such as "what will yield quicker results?", "what approach will save time and money?", and "which resources are interchangeable?" are now at the forefront. In this context, your systems play a pivotal role in streamlining processes and enhancing workforce efficiency. However, are they still suitable for the "new" reality? Finding the answer to this question is now straightforward with a simple online self-assessment tool, that identifies the health of your organisations IT systems.


Enter the IT Scorecard™ Health Check!

IT Scorecard™ (a self-service IT health check) offers business owners and management the ability to get a quick snap shot on the overall health of their IT systems and internal processes in under 5 minutes.

The 33-question health check offers a fast, safe and easy way to gain insights into your IT landscape and uncover it’s strengths and identify areas for enhancement.


The rapid tool scores your organisations IT setup covering 5 key domains: Infrastructure, Security, Productivity, Scalability & Budget.

On average the Scorecard™ takes 2 minutes to complete, after which you will instantly receive customised results and a comprehensive personalised pdf report providing an overall assessment and score of your companies IT, and an break down on each key domain.

Each key domain is individually scored so you can identify areas for improvement or modernisation. Additionally each section is packed with tips and ideas on what should be focused on to help increase your IT health score.


Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s some food for thought.
5 common business situations that IT can positively effect change:


Our business has moved on, but our systems haven’t

Internal processes could be holding us back

Does our team have up-to-date knowledge and the latest equipment, does our competitors?

We need to reduce the amount of manual intervention, not increase it.

There's too many bottlenecks, we need to do things a lot more efficiently.