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Microsoft 365


Managed Networks


Design Engine were looking to move from their current provider, a partner-related business who they shared a long-standing relationship with. Despite the long-term relationship with their current supplier, Design Engine felt that they had outgrown the level of support and interaction that they were receiving at the time.


OneMSP took over the day-to-day support, licensing, Connectivity and Networking. We had to work around existing contracts so we built a long-term roadmap to implement our services in line with contracts expiring. Networking equipment was replaced with our Managed Network offering, giving them VPN access to all of their server resource when outside of the office. Over the last 3 years we have migrated much of their line-of-business data into the cloud, ensuring that data is accessible and secure. Full Disaster Recovery implementation to ensure continuity of service on failure.


Our services allowed Design Engine to continue with their organic growth. We also supported Design Engine in the acquisitions of multiple businesses.

“We had a good relationship with our prior provider but they couldn’t help us scale at the rate we were growing. OneMSP came in and allowed our organisation’s IT to scale with our growth.”

David Mawdesley – Director, Design Engine

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