Microsoft 365


Managed Services


YouLend were a long standing customer of ours that purchased their Microsoft 365 licenses through us. As an extremely fast growing business they were looking to outsource the management of their IT infrastructure. We were the obvious choice as we had a very good working relationship with the team at YouLend.


Since taking our Managed Services, YouLend have continued to grow significantly. They have recently moved offices and we have implemented a full network and connectivity solution with full resilience built in. We support all of their users, devices and infrastructure and we are currently assisting with their ISO 27001 implementation. We have rolled out several MS Team Rooms installations for Video Conferencing and deployed a cloud-based phone system, allowing them to work seamlessly wherever they are. Again we have had to work with existing providers to ensure that our service works alongside their contractual commitments, until they are ready to move those services over to us.


The client have grown their team from sub 25 to approaching 100 users. They’ve undergone multiple office moves due to rapid increase in user count. They’ve also expanded into international markets. YouLend now understand additional compliance requirements for a regulated business.

“We’ve always appreciated OneMSP’s services since they’ve really allowed us to scale up and grow. With every new user and every new office move, OneMSP are there with us.”

Mark Ufland – CTO, YouLend

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